About Us

Welcome to the home of delicious connoisseur burgers. Flame House is a cutting edge café that exists to charm energetic burger lovers. Stroll in and put in your request and simply enjoy the moment and absorb our alluring climate as you trust that your request will be ready. All burgers are cooked to request and we highly esteem serving new, delectable and sterile burgers that tempt the taste buds and energize your faculties. We have culminated the streamlined bundling to improve your burger experience. Our bundling is intended to be not difficult to hold and convey as well as guarantee that your burgers keep up with their flavor and shape. For the people who don't favor a feast in or important point insight, we offer our benefactors the choice to have their request conveyed at their home or office. What makes Flame House -So-Exceptional? We just utilize premium meat that is ensured for its newness. Likewise, our sauces are hand-made with secret flavors and spices that leaves you slobbering for more. Assuming that its your most memorable outing you would cherish our connoisseur burgers Crunchos with broiled mozzarella cheddar patty and fresh nachos or Chaotic meat with firm onion rings and sassy bean stew. For the sides, we are cherished for our Gourmet fries - potatoes finished off with an assortment of, sauces, nacho cheddar, jalapeños, pepperoni thus substantially more!


Come and experience the magic of Flame House, where amazing cuisine and exceptional service come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Step into our inviting and stylish ambiance, where the warm glow of our open flames sets the stage for an extraordinary evening.


Shop No.1 & 2, House no R-15 Sector 11C-3, Sir Syed Town, North Karachi